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Mr. Godwin Menyawovor
Municipal Finance Officer

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Day Time
Friday 12:00 - 15:30

The Finance Department is responsible for the sound financial management of the District Assembly's resources.

The Finance Department:

        1. Ensure access at all reasonable times to files, documents and other records of the District Assembly;

        2. Keep, render and publish statements on Public Accounts;

        3. Keep receipts and custody of all public and trust monies payable into the Consolidated Fund;

        4. Facilitate the disbursement of legitimate and authorized funds;

        5. Prepare financial reports at specific periods for the Assembly;

        6. Prepare payment vouchers and financial encumbrances;

        7. Undertake revenue mobilization activities of the Assembly, and

        8. Make provision for financial services to all departments in the District.


The Accounts Department is manned by Staff of the Controller and Accountants General Department of Ghana (CADG) whose primary functions are as follows:

Background of CADG

The controller and Accountant –General’s Department (CAGD) was established in 1885, during the pre-dependence era of Gold Coast.  The department was originally referred to as the ‘’ Treasury’’ upon its establishment until 1937 when it was renamed Accountant-General’s Department, clearly defining its role to include the responsibility of exercising efficient financial controls in the budget execution process.

Furthermore, in 1967 it obtained its current name, The Controller and Accountant-General Department.

Vision of Controller and Accountant – General Department

Our vision is that of the public service with a positive culture, client focused and result oriented,

invariably looking for ways to improve the delivery of financial management services to the government and the general public.

Mission of Controller and Accountant General Department

We exist to provide Public Financial Management Service to the Government and the general public, through efficient, skilled, well motivated and dedicated staff, using the most appropriate technology.

Core values of Controller and Accountant – General Department

  • Putting customer first
  • Acting with integrity
  • Serving the whole country
  • Valuing people
  • Continuous improvement and innovation.


Controller and Accountant General Department over the years has established the followings;

  • Payroll: GoG – Payslip, GOG-ESPV, GOG-TPRS,
  • CAGD Newsletter: CAGD Digest
  • CAGD provident fund
  • Welfare Fund



  • Public Financial Management Act,2016



  • Receive all public and trust monies payable into the consolidated fund.
  • Provide secured custody of public and trust monies with the support of the Ministry of Finance
  • Make disbursements on behalf of the government. This includes the payment of monthly salaries to government employees in active service, pension gratuity and monthly pension payment for retired personnel.
  • Establish, on behalf of the government, such accounts with the Bank of Ghana and its agent for the deposit of public and trust monies.
  • Be solely responsible for the opening of bank accounts for any government department.



The Controller and Accountant General Department over the years has brought permanent and lasting changes in financial management in the public as achievements, notable amongst them is GIFMIS, ESPV, TPRS, NEWSLETTER, PROVIDENT FUND, WELFARE FUND, and formation of TREASURY LADIES ASSOCIATION in all 16 regions to promote women in financial management.


Current Projects

Currently Controller and Accountant General Department is involved in Public Financial Management Reform Project (PFMRP). It has four components namely,

  • Enhancing budget credibility.          
  • Public financial management systems and controls.
  • Reinforcing financial oversight and accountability.
  • PFM- Reforms co-ordination and change management.

Accrual Based IPSAS – It is a financial reform management project adopted as a framework for preparation, presentation and disclosure of general-purpose financial statement. The implementation of the standards is however scheduled to be completed in the year 2023.





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