Trade and Industry

The Business Advisory Centre (BAC) is the district mouthpiece of the National Board for Small Scale Industries (NBSSI) whose vision is to create an environment where Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) can grow and thrive, giving rise to and consolidating an enterprise culture.

The BAC is positioned to ensure that MSMEs have easy access to high quality and affordable business development support services. At the district level, the BAC plays a key role in accelerating the growth of the rural economy to reduce poverty; particularly ensuring an increase in the number of MSMEs that generate profit growth and employment opportunities to improve the livelihood and incomes of the rural poor.

Functions and Roles

Formulate strategies for stimulating self-employment and small enterprise development.

  • Provide extension services to clients, both existing and start-ups who are improving business performance.
  • Identify entrepreneurial skills in the MSME sector and motivate potential entrepreneurs to become self-employed.
  • Provide information on new business opportunities in the district.
  • Organize and facilitate trainings/workshops to build the capacity of potential entrepreneurs or enterprise owners.
  • Provide Counseling and Advisory services to businesses on a continuous basis.


Programme Briefs







The Government of Ghana’s stimulus package and relief to businesses that have been impacted by the COVID-19.



Young Africa Works

NBSSI in collaboration with the MasterCard Foundation brings the Young Africa Works Project, which seeks to give employable skills to the youth.



MasterCard Recovery & Resilience program

A loan package by the MasterCard Foundation to MSMEs requiring financial support to avert the Corona effect on their livelihoods and businesses


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